Put simply, in printing there are two types of job – ‘Print Ready’ and ‘Design & Pre-press’.   Our artwork & graphic design service is for the latter jobs.

Print Ready

A ‘print ready’ job is exactly what it says on the tin.  A customer provides files we are able to send straight to a print process.

  • Typically high resolution Adobe PDF files
  • No editing or positioning is required
  • Image resolutions are all of print quality
  • Page numbering is set
  • Margins and bleed is set
  • Ready to go….
graphic design service

Design & Pre-press

This is where we need to do some design or “pre-press” work to files before printing the job.

  • That may be as simple as taking your Microsoft Word file and making it into a PDF for you to approve.
  • If you are used to office printing, it’s important to know there are fundamental differences between what is ‘print ready’ within the office and commercially, to achieve a high quality printed product.
  • Many documents start life in Microsoft Word and this program, whilst great for working with text, does horrible things to embedded images. It’s also not great at handling page numbering amongst other things.   This is a whole topic on its own, so we’ve written a blog about it to help our customers with some tips.
  • We also offer a full design service.   After talking with you about what you would like your finished printed item to look like, we’ll lay down your ideas using professional design software.   Then we can produce a first draft – either as a PDF file to view on screen, or a digitally printed hard copy draft.
  • Once we have perfected your design and you have signed off the final draft, the job can be printed.
  • For customers we work with regularly, your library of designs can be used to assist quick creation of new documents.
  • If your organisation has a branding document, please let us have a current copy of this at the very start.
  • Talk to us about our artwork & graphic design service today!