In printing, NCR stands for ‘no carbon required‘.   Less known is that the acronym originates from its creator, National Cash Register.   The paper is specially coated so that information written on to the front (top) sheet is transferred onto the sheets beneath.   NCR carbonless business forms are used for a host of different applications, as we’ve outlined below.

Instead of inserting sheet/s of carbon paper between the top sheet and those below, the micro-encapsulated ink or dye within the NCR paper utilises pressure applied (either by handwriting or dot matrix printing) to replicate information to all the sheets in the set.

NCR Pads & Books

  • Choose from White, Yellow, Pink, Green & Blue
  • 2,3,4 or 5-part sets
  • Pads are glued to one edge and finished with a greyboard back and manilla thin card cover
  • Books are finished with a taped spine in a choice of popular colours
  • Popular for all business forms that require multiple colour coded copies

NCR Laser Stock

  • Loose A4 stock designed to be overprinted using a laser printer
  • Popular for customer delivery and collection notes, prepared and made up into sets for drivers’ routes
NCR Carbonless Business Forms

NCR Dot Matrix Paper

  • Continuous stock for tractor fed dot matrix printers
  • The impact print head provides the necessary pressure to populate the lower parts in the set
  • Typical uses are similar to those for NCR laser stock, shown above

NCR Loose Sets

  • Supplied glued as individual sets, as opposed to padded
  • Popular for contract sets within the retail sector
NCR Carbonless Business Forms

Sequential Numbering

  • We can add sequential numbering to NCR Business Forms
  • Sequential numbering assists in document control and security by making each set unique
  • We can number in multiple positions


  • We can add perforation/s to NCR Business Forms.
  • For example,  where Part 1 (the top sheet) is designed to be removed from a book
  • Perforation is also useful where a detachable coupon is required.
NCR Carbonless Business Forms